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MyFamily MySmoke: Protecting My Family from Second-hand Smoke: Let’s Get It Right Outside is the first official Smoke-free Homes intervention research in Malaysia for educational purposes. Our team are made up by academics from Malaysia and the United Kingdom and we are supported by our Malaysian NGO strategic partners. Our research project is sponsored by the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund & Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT). This health intervention aims to promote the implementation of smoke-free homes by empowering smokers to take their smoking habit outside of their homes. This will protect them and their family members especially children from second-hand smoke exposure and any associated ill-health effects. The ultimate aim of this project is to develop and promote a national health campaign showing the real life journey of smokers in making their homes smoke-free by incorporating and supported by scientific data. The culmination of this project is the establishment of a Malaysia Smoke-Free Homes Network consisting of academics, policymakers and NGOs to continuously develop capacity in this area beyond the funding timeline.

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What, why & who is MyFamily MySmoke?

An international effort for continuous research and health promotion, MyFamily MySmoke project first kicked-off in February 2020, as a network collaboration between the University of Stirling, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and International Islamic University of Malaysia. This novel project aims to support the Sustainable Development Goals for Good Health and Well-being #3 and is in line with the National Strategic Plan for Tobacco Control 2015-2020.

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Smoke-free Homes Network Malaysia Meeting on 24 Feb 2021
Smoke-free Homes Workshop, Kuala Lumpur on 7-9 May 2018
MyWATCH & MyFamily MySmoke Humanitarian Aid mission in Kuantan on 28 Feb 2021
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MyFamily MySmoke Video Campaign Teaser - Real experience

Video Campaign for Implementation of Smoke-free Homes in Scotland